E-Waste Harvesters Committed to Recycling
& Reducing Landfill Waste

Recycling & Reducing

E-Waste Harvesters did not just decide to open a recycling company because it seemed like the thing to do. E-Waste opened after accumulating over a decade of experience with a company that had 27 years in the business. Sadly enough that company was acquired and E-Waste Harvesters was born out of the necessity to keep the same high standards alive. Over 50% of the people that were with that company found themselves migrating to E-Waste Harvesters to become its rock solid backbone. As E-Waste Harvesters continues to grow, we still abide by the rules of good business “customer service.” E-Waste Harvesters has been committed to recycling and reducing landfill waste since the company's inception. Our approach to recycling has been developed on principles of economic and environmental sustainability. We aim to be innovators in recycling through the development and implementation of best practices for reuse, recycling and disposal. We have identified key waste streams that arise from the proper processing of E-Waste. We constantly monitor the waste streams we collect and are always searching for new recycling options. 
Our goal is to help our clients avoid sending waste to landfill sites and as a company have adopted a zero landfill policy. We are committed to the refinement of our recycling and environmental processes in order to further reduce the impact of E-waste on the environment.

1. What you want:
Electronics correctly, safely and securely recycled. We will remove your old office equipment and electronics. Upon arrival at our facility, assets will be sorted for de-manufacturing and/or recycling. All hard drives are removed from PC’s, copiers, printers, and fax machines. Data is removed using DoD 5220.22M standards or destroyed using a hard drive punch and shredding system. 

2. We also offer:
Asset recovery service, If your company has end of life equipment, we can recover residual value from your investment. We will inventory, wipe, evaluate and refurbish all remarketable material. Equipment is remarketed using our comprehensive sales database. Asset recovery  generates dollars that go directly to your bottom line.

3. What we do:
Every piece of equipment that comes through our door is reused, recycled or refurbished in some manner. Our various audited downstream suppliers help us to keep true to our green policy. E-Waste Harvesters has adopted a zero landfill policy.  

4. What concerns us:
Everything that has to do with our customer safety and data protection. By using E-Waste Harvesters, you mitigate liability and risk. Clients receive a certificate of recycling and/or destruction for all assets processed. 

5. What our promise is:

We offer our customers peace of mind and a piece of the pie.  We will be happy to develop and implement a program to fit your specific needs. Best in class service is what we offer and it is also what you can expect. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Call: 602-476-7533 or info@e-wasteharvesters.com

Top 10 Reasons To Use EWH

+ 1. Asset Recovery
We help you recover the maximum return your technology investment is capable of generating.
+ 2. Recycling
We are in full compliance with all local, state and federal recycling guidelines. No items are shipped overseas and EWH follows a strict zero landfill policy.
+ 3. Destruction
Data destruction standards are in compliance with DOD 5220-22M and can include sanitization of the drive as well as physical destruction of the drive. EWH will meet or exceed your destruction requirements.
+ 4. Re-deployment Services
EWH offers Re-deployment services that will help you maximize your investment throughout its total deployable lifecycle.
+ 5. Employee Purchase Program
If you wish to sell assets to your employees we have a turnkey program that will allow you to track program usage and inventory via our web based system.
+ 6. Sales Channels
EWH utilizes diverse sales channels and a comprehensive database to achieve the highest recovery value.
+ 7. Inventory Control
We utilize a secure, closed loop inventory control system that will provide you with reporting that complies with HIPAA, GLB and Sarbanes Oxley requirements.
+ 8. Client Driven Contact Process
EWH will develop customized programs, processes and procedures to meet your specific requirements.
+ 9. Hard Drive Wiping
EWH uses the latest industry standard data destruction utility that is certified under DOD 5220-22M standards. The utility utilizes a 3 step process that writes a character, its complement and a randomly generated character to every sector of the hard drive. The DOD has determined that data cannot be recovered after this process has been implemented.
+ 10. If You Don't See it Ask
EWH is a client driven business if you have any questions or specific needs please don't hesitate to ask.